Dennis Mc. - Morgantown, WV
Doug & Jamie were very professional and knowledgeable about my issues. I highly recommend their company and their crew to anyone out there needing a roof.

John Mc. - Morgantown, WV
Very professional contractor, did a great job with our roofing needs even through all the rain we had. I recommend Doug and Jamie to others out there.

Lester M. - Morgantown, WV
A very knowledgeable contractor, a hard working crew... I could not have picked a better contractor to do the job. They worked through until the job was completed.

Richard B. - Morgantown, WV
Contractor is very knowledgeable and very professional. The other members of their company are also very courteous. A great contractor for our roofing needs.

Mike B. - Wheeling, WV
The go to roofing crew.. they are very professional and know their stuff!! They are an excellent company and I recommend them for all roofing, and gutter needs.

R. Statler - Morgantown, WV
Were very knowledgeable and friendly. They took their work seriously and did the job great and it turned out excellent, we fell under the work of a faulty metal roof less than a year old I wish we would have stayed with shingles to begin with the roofing shingles were of a great color and set of the house making it look great.

R. Myers - Morgantown, WV
Fast, Concerned, Quality work, Makes sure good wood underneath, No shotrcuts... I would recommend Creek Siding & Roofing, Very professional and reliable.

M. Meyers - Aurthurdale, WV
Quality work, Quality installation,Best looking shingle I have ever seen.Highly recommend Creek Siding & Roofing for excellent quality and customer service.

Jim R.-Morgantown, WV
We could not be happier with our roof. Doug & Jamie were very professional and through. We would be glad to refer Creek Siding & Roofing to others.

Allen & Alicia T. - Wheeling,WV
Doug & Jamie very professional and knowledgeable contractors. They along with the crew were very helpful with the entire stressful process of putting a roof on our house. They helped make the best decisions for our home and budget. Our home looks modern and beautiful. We highly recommend Creek Siding & Roofing.

Matthew & Whitney S. -Morgantown, WV
Creek Siding & Roofing did great work. Our home looks great, many have commented on how great our home looks with the new roof.

Sam H. -Kingwood, WV
May 31, 2015,
Great work and great service. Got my gutters done quickly. Looks great and high quality. Would definitely recommend Creek Siding and Roofing.

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